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Frédéric Chopin : Intégrale des Nocturnes

Frédéric Chopin : Intégrale des Nocturnes (ADW 7532/3) Order

1B flat minor Op.9 n°1 12G major Op.37 n°2
2E flat major Op.9 n°2 13C minor Op.48 n°1
3B major Op.9 n°3 14F sharp minor Op.48 n°2
4F major Op.15 n°1 15F minor Op.55 n°1
5F sharp major Op.15 n°2 F sharp major Op.15 n°2 16E flat major Op.55 n°2
6G minor Op.15 n°3 17B major Op.62 n°1 B major Op.62 n°1
7C sharp minor Op.27 n°1 18E major Op.62 n°2
8D flat minor Op.27 n°2 D flat minor Op.27 n°2 19E minor Op. posthume 72 n°1
9B major Op32 n°1 20C sharp minor Op. posthume
10A flat major Op.32 n°2 21C minor Op. posthume
11G minor Op.37 n°1

« Musicien surdoué, excellent lecteur et amoureux de la « matière » pianistique, on est conquis par la sensibilité de l'interprétation, sa beauté sonore et le raffinement des détails. »

Martine Dumont-Mergay in La Libre Belgique, april 2011

« These performances are triumphs of technique : not just the skill for hitting the notes accurately, but also the taste required for their proper inflection. De May can change the whole mood of a nocturne with one note or a single figuration.

His nocturnes are rich in meaning, yet sounds like no other performer's.

This recordings joins my favourite digital version of the nocturnes, wich includes those by D. Barenboim, V. Feltsman and F. Chaplin.

It says much for De May that I really feel he has created his own new way of viewing the nocturnes. The fusion of brilliance and emotion he forges is truly outstanding and can rank with the achievements of the finest pianists.

If you think you have had your fill of the nocturnes and don't need another interpretation of them, De May's is the version to change yout mind. »

Dave Saeman in Fanfare-Arkiv-Music, october 2011